The new INOVA Croatia webpage, a platform that will incorporate a couple of segments, we hope with good data for inventors, entrepreneurs and people who are interested in new products/inventions and similar topics.

  1. Presentation of the Most Successful Products

    First of all, there are a showcase of successful Croatian inventions whose authors are members of the Croatian Inventors Network, which were exhibited on many international invention exhibitions and most of them are commercialized products that you can find on the market. Of course, the list is not complete but we will work on that together with our inventors.

  2. Online segment of INOVA exhibiton

    The main part of INOVA Croatia platform is the online segment of the exhibition INOVA, International Invention Show, which gives the opportunity for inventors worldwide to exhibit their inventions on the second oldest invention show in the world, started in 1971.

  3. Promotion of INOVA 2023 Inventions

    Every inventor will have an invention showcase upon the data we receive and it will be shown on the platform 6 months after the exhibition ends, so you will be able to promote your product through that period and reach many more potential investors and buyers. This gave us the opportunity to give more possibilities to the inventor’s community and it will be an important part of the INOVA Exhibition in the years to come as a great marketing tool for the inventors combined with the well need Live Event.

  4. Informing about Innovative Processes

    We hope that people who want to know more about industrial property protection, people searching for new ways to present their inventions and all other platform visitors will find answers to their questions through one of our listed Organizations, members of WIIPA (World Invention Intellectual Property Associations).

  5. Kreativno.hr Portal

    Through the Media part of the page, you can find Kreativno.hr portal with lots of great articles about new technologies, best companies and individual practices and much more.

  6. Media Promotion

    Be free to use our social media links, subscribe to our channel, like videos and Facebook posts so we can all contribute to the quality of the platform.