Author: Maks Udov

Company: Herbafarm-magnolija d.o.o.

e-mail: herbafertil@gmail.com

web page: www.herbafertil.com

phone.: +385915656758 ; +385977940279

HERBAFERTIL is Organic mineral substrate in biodegradable bags for rehabilitation and nutrition, intensive growth and development, and biological soil improvement

In a very short amount of time plants are greener, more vital, more resistant, less affected with illness, they look helathier, it encourages more abundant flowering and fruting.

The application of the product encourages lusher and healthier plant growth and ensures prolonged presence of nutrients and moisture in the soil.

Intellectual property: PK20140358

  • Silver medal – 39th Croatian Invention Show INOVA
  • Silver medal – Malaysia Technology Expo 2015
  • Certificate – Malaysian research & innovation society 2014
  • Silver medal – British Invention Award 2014
  • Silver medal – Katowice INTARG
  • Silver medal – Kaoshiung International Invention Exhibition 2014
  • Bronze medal –  Agro Arca, Trilj, 2015