Company: ALTPRO d.o.o.

e-mail: altpro@altpro.hr

web page: www.altpro.com

„M“ sensor for monorail trains is a special detection unit which provides safe and reliable detection of monorail train on track. Sensor is situated along the track and it senses the presence of the train by detecting its undercarriage. The current solution is a unique innovation in the world for the market of non standard modes of transportation which is gaining popularity.



The advantage of the innovation is its flawless ability to detect monorail trains in harsh atmospheric conditions. Detection is occuring in conditions of great EMI (electromagnetic interference), from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius, in snowy, windy, rainy conditions… Moreover, sensor will not detect anything but monorail train. Any interference or detection of other objects is filtrated by smart architecture of the sensor and by special algorithms implemented in software of the intelligent unit. The complexity of building such a product is showed in the fact that this kind of solution is the only one in the global market which suits ALTPRO innovation oriented market approach.



This innovative product is meant for operation inside vital safety systems for control and management of mass transit trains in urban areas. It is currently used in countries like China, Japan and USA. Taking into account the growing popularity of this mode of transport, it is expected that this product will be seen in operation worldwide.