The basic aim of organizing and the goal of the activities of Croatian Inventors Network are to provide, under the same conditions and on voluntary basis, technical, legal and other help for its members and joined members and through representatives of joined members to influence on the development of innovative work in the Republic of Croatia.


Participation on international inventions exhibitions

Croatian Inventors Network, the only national association within the area of innovative creativity, from 1991, has organized participation of Croatian inventors and inventive entrepreneurs on international inventions exhibitions in Pittsburgh, London, Moscow, Iasi, Kaohsung, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Katowice and Toronto. That, together with the national show, INOVA – International invention show, (from 1971), is the most important activity of Croatian Inventors’ Network.

Why exhibitions? It is a special kind of marketing and commercialization for inventors. Successful exhibitions are those where many license buyers regularly come and especially buyers of finished products that are based on the original idea. An inventor, and even a small entrepreneur, especially if he/she comes from the countries that are not integrated in any big economic or political integration, can rarely find the way to commercialize his/her achievements. The exhibition organizers do that for them. However, the importance of the show is not just in medals and commercial achievements. It is a chance to represent the Republic of Croatia, among many other countries, as the State of hardworking and talented people. All advertising success of the Croatian inventors in an international environment is based on unquestionable creative potential of our people. That had to be recognized! That is why the big inventors and organizers have put the Croatia at the highest place among the world invention shows. The popularity of Croatian inventors is also seen from the number of our foreign guests on INOVA – BUDI UZOR. Therefore, our national inventors show, with the number of foreign guests, is one of the worlds’ greatest invention.



INOVA is traditional invention show that has evidenced, from 1971, the biggest successes of Croatian innovative work. INOVA is the promoter and symbol of an innovative work in the Republic of Croatia, and by now it has gathered, encouraged and presented to the public thousands of innovations from our country and abroad.

The long lasting tradition of INOVA has given enormous incentive to Zagreb innovative work. In order to ensure, equal innovative development in the Republic of Croatia, it started to organize national shows outside the City of Zagreb. The results are very successful shows in Ogulin, Samobor, Rijeka, Čakovec and Osijek. By joining INOVA and Be a role model in one mutual  presentation, which had its first run in Osijek in 2010, it brings to the world of inventions technological advancement and direction toward inventive entrepreneurship and students. Besides the traditional invention show, there is also a selling exhibition of commercialized inventions, tourism invention show and inventions in energy industry, EEN technology exhibition and the presentation of successful commercialization of inventive products and services, the competition for the best student’s business plan and the competition in the robots/models/layout category.



Croatian Inventors’ Network directs special attention toward young people. By organizing workshops and courses it is not possible to create and inventor nor is it possible to teach a student or a pupil to invent. There must be a talent. However, if the talent exists, it should be recognized, encouraged and awarder and further assisted in educational and material sense.

That is the reason why there are many specialized associations within Croatian Inventors’ Association, and they have specialized to work with young inventors, and the best among them participates in all Croatian Inventors’ Network programs. Croatian Inventors’ Network together with Zagreb Inventors’ Association have organized, for the past 13 years, only for young inventors, invention shows for primary and secondary pupils and students with international participation. That is INOVA-MLADI, which is the biggest show in this part of Europe. National invention show of young inventors in Kastav, Bakar and Matulji, is also organized with the mutual association of the Inventors association of Primorsko-goranska County and Croatian Inventors’ Network. This show gathers crème-de –la crème, the future stars of Croatian inventions.



In 2004 Croatian Inventors’ Network has established an annual award for the best innovator called Nikola Tesla. Why Tesla? One of the reasons is certainly that Tesla has become the symbol of creativity and he was recognized as an inventor and visionary in the whole world with his still mysterious inventions.

We remember his discoveries, published in more than 700 patents, like: the principle of rotating magnetic field and resulting inducting motor (according to some sources, one of the 10 biggest inventions ever), then his alternating current system, the work on wireless information transmission (the Italians are also proud of it since Marconi took over Tesla’s work) and Tesla’s generator – Tesla’s coil, the principle of radar remote control, experiments with X-rays, and less famous works from the mechanical engineering field and seismology…

There are certain assumptions, that the world without Tesla’s discoveries would simple stop. In his honor one international unit (81) of magnetic induction was named Tesla (T), in 1997. Life Magazine put him on the list among 100 people who have considerably influenced last millennium.