Company: CITUS d.o.o.

Country: Croatia



SmartArt is an innovative digital platform that enables museums to independently create additional multimedia content that enriches the user experience of museum visitors. It uses elements of artificial intelligence (AI) that include computer vision to quickly identify each artwork without applying any markers.


The application enables the creation of content on the museum’s collection, where all multimedia content that will be assigned to a particular exhibit is defined and enables the creation of exhibitions, catalogues, etc. according to needs. It supports multimedia records (sound, video, image, animation, 3D objects, link, text) and associated formats.


The application consists of two parts:

  • WEB application – background solution intended for content creators in the museum. It contains components for cataloging exhibits, organizing digital content, linking digital content with individual exhibits, and creating and managing exhibitions. The most important component is the multimedia editor that edits the museum collection, digital content, and defines the exhibitions, and connects all the necessary elements into one logical and functional whole.


  • MOBILE application – intended for museum visitors. When a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is directed toward the exhibit, the multimedia content of that exhibit is displayed on the device’s screen, which can be: sound and/or video and/or image and/or text and/or link to the content, etc.


Due to its concept and built-in technological solutions, SmartArt meets the real needs of the museum, both in terms of technology and business.


The key elements of innovation are the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in art recognition and a flexible platform that enables the management of a large number of exhibitions.


*Painting Geese maid on the Sava (Nikola Mašić) from the collection of The National Museum of Modern Art.