Multifunction Lamus Paradise Cofera Aratum-zoides (LPCA-z) Made of 5 Nature Ingredients Fermented with Lactobacillus sp., Rhodopseudomonas sp., Actinomycetes sp., Streptomyces sp., and Saccharomyces sp., as Repellent and Exterminator of Whiteflies and to Increase the Growth of Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons’ Seeds in Peatland

Authors: Sifra Kerenhapukh Albertha; Nidia Naswa Rahmaziah; Nathaniel Nico Prawira; Alvin Kristaldi; Astrid Ekklesia Saputri

Company/Faculty/School: Central Borneo Scientific Organization (CBSO)/ Senior High School)

Country: Indonesia


LPCA-z is a product invention made from collaboration of 5 nature ingredients to repel and exterminate whiteflies on plants. Furthermore, it can also be used as fertilizer for Dicotyledons and monocotyledons. This product invention is in the form of powder, pasta, and liquid (spray).