Vinegars: Apple, Aronia,Plumb, Hawthorn “Apple,Aronia,Plumb, Hawthorn-wonder plants that removes heavy metals from water”

Authors: Meryem Alkin - Engin Alkin – Ahmet Tarik Dinc

Faculty: Yahya Kemal College – Skopje

Country: North Macedonia


This gift of nature makes up 70% of the surface of the Earth with only 1% of that as fresh water that is easily accessible and not trapped in glaciers and snow fields. This natural resource every day becomes less and less accessible, and its availability is big economic and social problem. And our mother uses homemade vinegars everywhere  in the house. This summer our nephew Tarik`s father sent Hawthorn vinegar  from Turkey and because of Covid-19 situation my mother took different workshops for making creams and organic foods. And she started to make vinegars with our help and we want to clean water by using homemade vinegars. Our aim is to prove that with this natural resource apple , aronia, plumb and hawthorn vinegar can make the quality of water way better, especially the quality of polluted water, and with that We can make better conditions for living and We will make better environment and make the people`s lives better.

Heavy metals that we used were: Zinc (ZnSO4.7H2O), Copper (CuSO4), Lead (Pb(NO3)2), Manganese (MnO2)  from multi-component systems at different adsorbent/metal ion ratios. We used these heavy metals altogether since we tried achieving the same level of pollution like the ones in the most polluted waters flowing in Macedonia.  The optimum absorption was found to occur at contact time 18h, adsorbent dose from highest range from 99.97% for Pb (with all types of 2.5% vinegars).