Vehicle Obstacle Notification System

Author: Chien Wei; Kang Tsai-Hua; Liao Shu-Han; Lin Je-Home; Lee Kuo-Hsien;

Company: Lunghwa University of Science and Technology,HungKuo Delin University of Technology, Committee of eCloud Mobile, Chinese Professional Management Association of Hsinshu, TaiwanChenshern Co., Ltd.,WearTech Co., Ltd.

Country: Taiwan



The present invention provides a vehicle obstacle notification system, including: at least one object distance sensing device, which is arranged at the front of a car; and an alarm device, which is electrically connected to the object distance sensing device, when the object distance sensing device is When sensing that the distance between the car and an object is lower than a threshold value, the alarm system sends out an alarm to remind the driver. This can effectively reduce the risk of collision when the driver is in poor spirits and is too close to the object in front.