Pumping system

Authors: TOADER Eusebiu, NIȚAN Ilie, PAVĂL Mihaela, MILICI Dan Laurenţiu, CERNUȘCĂ Dumitru, MILICI Mariana Rodica, GRAUR Adrian, DIMIAN Mihai, UNGUREANU Constantin

Company/Faculty/School: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava/ Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/ Electrotechnical Department

Country: Romania

e-mail: costel@usm.ro

The pumping system according to the invention consists of a cylindrical container (1), provided with a piston (2) which is moved by means of a rod (3) terminated with a T-shaped profile, provided at the lower end with a support (4) fixing two nitinol springs (5) and (5 ‘), and the upper part of the rod profile (3) acts at the ends of the stroke the double microcontacts (M1), (M1‘) and (M2) respectively , (M2‘), which controls the closing and opening of the electrovalve (6), the fans (7) and (7′) and disconnects the heating circuits of the nitinol springs (5) and (5’) controlled alternately by the relay contacts (k1) and (k2) by means of a microcontroller (8).