O-aryl-carbamoyl-oxymino-dibenz[b,e] oxepines, a pharmaceutical composition containing them and their use

Authors: Ilinca Margareta VLAD, Carmen LIMBAN, Diana Camelia NUȚĂ, Cornel CHIRIȚĂ, Dana Cristina MARINECI, Emil ȘTEFĂNESCU, Miron Teodor CĂPROIU, Constantin DRĂGHICI, Florea DUMITRAȘCU, Mariana Carmen CHIFIRIUC, Luminița MĂRUȚESCU, Speranța AVRAM, Cristina Elena DINU-PÎRVU, Alexandru Vasile MISSIR

Company/Faculty/School: Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Country: ROMANIA

Development of original prototype molecules representing effective therapeutic solutions in the case of infections with micro-organisms with multidrug-resistant, extensively drug-resistant and pandrug-resistant bacteria and in the same time to prevent the permanent risk of the emergence of new resistance mechanisms, is a priority direction for research into new antimicrobial chemotherapeutics with maximum efficacy and low toxicity.

The invention relates to O-aryl-carbamoyl-oxymino-dibenz[b,e]oxepines having

in a single molecule several biologically active fragments: the condensed heterocyclic system having an oxygen in the bridge (dibenz[b, e]oxepinic system) and carbamoyl pharmacophore and oximine groups.