Mirabella fruit spread and jam


Company: OPG Picek VRT "Mala vidrica"

Country: Croatia

e-mail: mala.vidrica.pos.podgajci@gmail.com

OPG Picek VRT “Mala vidrica” ​​also creates vegan fruit spreads and jams from fruits and herbs grown in our PERMACULTURE, based on a recipe from the Middle Ages. All without preservatives or other chemical substances. All of them have 75-90% fruit and only 8-20% sugar depending on the fruit, only boiled for 3 minutes (so after opening use as fresh fruit).

The most famous and popular is “Mirabella”, which we have as a fruit spread and as a jam.

Each cheese or each ham has its own jam and wine that supports its taste, our “Mirabella” is an idea from the Middle Ages and at the same time it also supports Slavonian old traditional varieties. In the “Mirabella” spread there are white plums, petrovka apples and various blackberries, and since we don’t spray, the peels are also in the spread, and we all know how aromatic they smell.