Implementation of logic 2oo2 on the blocking system of a recycle gas compressor, 376-K-001


Company: INA, d.d.

Country: Croatia


The innovation is intended to increase the reliability of the work of the recycle gas compressor 376-K-001, as the most important device in hydrocracking plants, such that it increases the reliability of the compressor protection system from the inflow of the liquid phase into the compressor. For that purpose, the compressor contains an integrated protection system 1oo1 via the measuring device 376-LT-033B, though in the past, incorrect displays of the level caused the recycle gas compressor to cease operation, which impacted the entire plant, and the additional compressor was without a protection system for a long time until new measurements could be obtained.

The idea is that the existing level measuring device 376-LT-033A which has only a surveillance (DCS) purpose, is replaced with an approach device for security protection (SOS), and that both are implemented into the compressor protection logic as a 2oo2 logic. In that case, both level measurement devices must simultaneously detect high levels for the logic to activate the stop in compressor function.