HRVAS-Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software

Authors: Ehsan Moein, Sayed Ali Nourian Najafabadi, Mohammad Aslani, Mohammad Mahdi Amini, Mehran Hamidi

Company/Faculty/School: Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr, Shahid Ejei Highschool

Country: Iran


SHRVAS is a complete and self-contained heart rate variability analysis software (SHRVAS) package. SHRVAS offers several preprocessing options. SHRVAS offers time-domeain, freq-domain, time-frequency, and nonlinear HRV analysis. All results can be exported to an Excel file. For processing many files SHRVAS offers a bach processing feature. All settings/options can be saved to a .mat file and reloaded for future HRV analysis. Upon starting SHRVAS all previously used settings/options are loaded.