Country: Croatia

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The product is an excellent combination of fine domestic komovica brandy (grape-based or some other strong natural brandy), carefully hand-selected berries of freshly picked domestic table grapes, as well as carefully selected quality petals of fragrant roses from a local plantation, picked with the first rays of the morning sun.

Just as with picking grapes with love, so with roses, after the fruits ripen and the roses bloom in all their beauty, there follows a careful process of selecting and separating the ideal berries and the most magical petals. The production process begins by stacking grapes in jars, which are then filled to the top with komovica (grape-based brandy) or some other high-quality strong brandy. The hermetically sealed jars with grapes and brandy are then stored in a dark and cool place, and rose petals are added to them after an optimal period in a strictly controlled ratio (amount of brandy : amount of petals). The bottles are hermetically sealed again to give the drink more time to absorb the best that brandy, grapes and roses have to offer. The petals themselves, immersed in special bags, are finally removed, and the resulting drink is poured into decorative glass bottles.

The effort and time invested, along with the ideal ratio of quality grapes, brandy and rose flower essence, ultimately result in an eye-catching, delicious dessert drink with an intense aroma of the flower of all flowers. You have it right in front of you, enjoy!

It is interesting to point out that special emphasis has recently been placed on a prominent group of compounds known as polyphenols, which are abundant in grape skin and seeds, and which have been found to have a significant positive effect on human health, especially when it comes to the cardiovascular system. Since the above-described process of obtaining grape and rose petals flavoured komovica brandy implies a certain period of time for the grapes to stand in a jar together with the brandy, apart from the fact that during this time the brandy itself acquires aromas and malt, at the same time the berries from their skins and seeds enrich the drink with polyphenols, giving the drink a beautiful natural color.


It is a pleasure to chew delicious and fragrant berries and at the same time know that the benefits are multiple and that they can be used in various ways. In our country, these customs are still developing, and the “new practices” of production and consumption are still shy and yet to be discovered. This story should definitely be started more decisively and ambitiously.


I have started!


Try it and see for yourself the special features of this drink! I hope you will like it.