Fresh plant of lavender, fresh flower of lavender and dried lavender “Lavender-wonder plant that removes heavy metals from water” Continuation project

Authors: Meryem Alkin, Engin Alkin, Ahmet Tarik Dinc

Company/Faculty/School: Yahya Kemal College - Skopje

Country: North Macedonia


Our aim is to prove that with this natural resource lavender I can make the quality of water way better, especially the quality of polluted water, and with that We can make better conditions for living and We

will make better environment and make the people`s lives better. we are polluting our water with heavy metals. For our project we chose the plant named as lavender, because it is : easily accessible to everyone, low-cost and not harmful to nature . It’s also preventing water for being polluted , we can easily stop the migration of heavy metals in water.