Device for the automatic lowering of the deep paraffin cleaner


Company: INA d.d.

Country: Croatia


The device is developed for the automatic procedure of removing collected paraffin in the production series of tubes in oil wells. It functions based on the principle of scraping the paraffin off the wellbore walls using a tool hung from a wireline into the wellbore. It is equipped with a power motor and reductor connected to a drum around which the wireline is wound. The selection of electric motor and controller enables the display of the position and load achieved on the cleaning tool, and records those data in real time. The device is operated automatically, via a remote control or touch screen on the device control panel. It is also possible to set the parameters for each wellbore so as to optimise its function based on the type of well.

The algorithms built into the CPU reduce the likelihood that the cleaner will become stuck in the paraffin residues, and prevent the possibility of wireline snapping and the consequential hazards and costs. The device is powered by solar panels with a secondary power source of a diesel engine housed in the device. The complete function is fully automated and secures energy supply under even the worst weather conditions.