Construction of Protective Boxes Electromagnetic Waves Using Nano Ferrite / Bismuth Oxide

Authors: Atrin Hamidizadeh, Romina Hamidizadeh, Marziyeh Azadfalah

Company/Faculty/School: Solaleh Highschool, Alborz, Iran

Country: Iran


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Today, the development of information technology, the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices has grown sharply. Electronic devices use electromagnetic radiation in their application. Due to the adverse effects of these waves on human health, research in this area has received much attention. So in this design, first a box made of plexiglass body was designed to put the MOBILE PHONE. Subsequently, the electromagnetic waves of magnetic ferrite nanoparticles were absorbed by sol-gel combustion, and the composite with black carbon was coated on the box. To investigate the correct synthesis of the obtained nanocomposites, XRD, SEM and electromagnetic waves were analyzed. Magnetic nanoparticles can absorb the waves by creating small magnetic fields. Since waves constitute both the electric field and magnetic field, an ideal wave absorption material should be able to absorb electrical and magnetic waves simultaneously. Also PUTING an LED UV light to disinfect the MOBILE phone it was said to be inside. Also, an AUX speaker connected to an amplifier was used to deliver cellphone and song audio. The bismuth oxide nanoparticle synthesis with gel-combustion and the coating was applied to the phone glass to reduce the effects of the microwave on the eyes.