Blackberry and lavender vinegar, and honeysuckle vinegar


Company: OPG Picek VRT "Mala vidrica"

Country: Croatia


OPG Picek VRT “Mala vidrica” ​​creates delicatessen and vegan products from PERMACULTURE cultivation without preservatives or other chemical substances (there are no chemicals either in the garden or in production).

As a base, we use recipes from the Middle Ages, for example from Saint Hildegardt. We are trying to r”Blackberry and lavender vinegar” was produced according to a recipe from the Middle Ages (according to our information from St. Hildegardt). In our permaculture garden, up to 40 varieties of blackberries grow,

so it has different colors from that recepture, but the aroma is not significantly different. When blackberry and lavender are combined, they have five times stronger aroma, that’s why one small spoon is enough with one head of salad.

There are only five producers of this vinegar in Europe. My colleagues are mainly monoculturists, so my vinegar is different in that sense and I hope it stands out.

After that vinegar became more and more popular, I created an additional elderberry vinegar last year, which with its Christmas note of taste was also quickly grabbed.

That’s why this year I’m also inspired by a recipe from the Middle Ages:

– Apple cider vinegar with elderflower, which is stronger than expected

– Red vinegar with elderflower, here I was very surprised that black grape vinegar strongly enhances the aroma of elderflower

– Like elderberry vinegar, blackcurrant vinegar have Christmas aromas

– Vinegar with honeysuckle is more earthy, has a beautiful color (flower and the leaves are edible and can be used fresh or as tea, good for immunity)

– Vinegar with lemon balm, elderflower and “apple mint”, there are also elderflowers and lemon balm twigs in the bottle, a nice decorative effect and an increasingly intense aromaevive the old Croatian or European cuisine in a new dress.