Adhesion between Natural Rubber and steel using Barium ferrite magnetic powder for making the same

Authors: Đặng Việt Hưng, Bùi Chương , Nguyễn Trọng Quang

Company/Faculty/School: Đặng Việt Hưng, Bùi Chương from Hanoi city, and Nguyễn Trọng Quang from Hung Yen province

Country: Vietnam



The invention is filed patent.  The invention relates to a method of improving adhesion between natural rubber and steel using Barium ferrite (BaFe12O19) a highly magnetic material. Barium ferrite powder is used for vibration damping rubber which needs high granularity and good adhesion with steel substrate. The method includes the following steps: mixing of natural rubber with ferromagnetic oxide; steel surface treatment; adhesive applying; vulcanization of rubber.

The essence of the invention is to produce natural rubber products that adhere to steel and cannot separate the rubber from steel. The bonding of rubber with steel is formed through a binder (adhesive), which is created during a given time, temperature, and pressure. To ensure good bonding, it is necessary to build a process that needs to treat the surface of the steel with phosphate solution, to add barium ferrite in the rubber formulations and to control technological conditions such as temperature, time, pressure… Chemical and physical changes in the vulcanization in the presence of the magnetic additive give high results for adhesion.

Due to the use of barium ferrite, the adhesion of rubber and steel significantly increases (20-25%).


Using a magnetic particle to increase both adhesion of rubber to steel and the vibration resistance of rubber.


Combining of two important effects for rubber part by using magnetic particle.


Increase lifetime and damping of engineering rubber products in dynamic condition.


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