Smart wedding box



School: Elektrotehnička škola Zagreb

Country: Croatia



The smart wedding box is used for collecting envelope gifts for the newlyweds and displays a variety of thank you messages on the screen, that also enables disco lighting with 26 LED diodes in different colours and two white LED diodes. The envelopes dropped into the box are registered by an ultrasound sensor. The box also contains innovative 3D technology. This project uses an Arduino UNO microcontroller to control the ultrasound sensor that registers distance, and at distances of less than 5 cm, it sends a signal to the Arduino UNO, which then displays one of six pre-programmed messages, and includes a total of 28 LED diodes. Of the 28 LED diodes, two are white and are positioned on the front of the box, while the remaining 26 are in colour with an integrated disco light set, and are found on the lower side of the box roof. The Arduino UNA is powered by a mobile battery. The Arduino UNO contains the program code which is compatible with the connection scheme.