Solar-Powered Isothermic Food Bag

Author: Yu, Chang

Company: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

Country: Taiwan



In the modern busy society, office workers have the habit of bringing bentos, but often the carefully prepared meals are cold before lunch time, and the company does not have a microwave oven to solve this problem, and in order to eat hot For lunch, a student I invented a solar isothermal food bag, which uses a solar panel to absorb the light energy generated by the sun, and converts the light energy into electricity through a converter, and finally uses this electricity to make the heater in the container operate. Keep the food at a certain temperature to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

    The present invention refers to a food thermal insulation storage bag, which comprises: a bag body, a solar panel, a lithium battery, a conversion device for converting light energy into electrical energy, a transmission line, a heating device and a control device, so that the bag body can reach Insulation effect. Among them: the space in the bag can be used to store meals, food or drinks; the solar panel is placed above the bag, which can absorb the light energy emitted by the sun when carrying; in the future, the light energy conversion device can absorb the solar panel The incoming light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the lithium battery, and the light energy to electrical energy conversion device and the lithium battery are installed at the bottom of the bag body; finally, the transmission line connects the lithium battery and the heating device together, so that The electric energy in the lithium battery is transmitted to the heating device, so that the heating device placed at the top of the bag body can operate normally, and the control device on the outer side of the bag body can effectively control the temperature of the heater, so that the meals in the bag body can be effectively controlled. Can be maintained at the optimal serving temperature.