Universal tillage machine for the cultivation of agricultural land of up to 4 hectares


Company: Future Machines d.o.o.

Country: Croatia

e-mail: matijamarkovic@olt.hr

web: www.futuremachines.hr

The machine is designed as a small vehicle with a modular assembly to which tillage tools are attached. Its modularity is manifested in the fact that the machine consists of three parts that can be combined. The modular parts are:

  • powertrain
  • steering system
  • operating (middle) circuit shorter
  • operating (middle) circuit longer.

Thus, the machine’s size can be reduced/increased; it can carry attachments in the middle, i.e., between the front and rear wheels; it can pull as well as push the attachments, depending on the attachment and the need. Furthermore, modular modifications can change the front/ rear powertrain as well as the rear/ front steering. Ejection of the middle operating circuit and direct connection of the powertrain and the steering unit results in a smaller version of the machine. This is achieved by combining the modular parts, which is designed as a simple procedure that machine users could perform themselves as needed.

The machine has a mobile three-point attachment (hydraulic system for raising/ lowering the attachments). That means that, with modular modifications, the three-point attachment can be placed in the front or the rear. The three-point attachment can lift approximately 300 kg.

The machine has built-in shaft outputs both front and rear so that modular modifications can provide a front/ rear output shaft.

Alongside the machine, a technological map is being developed. It is composed of guidelines for the production of vegetable crops with the easy use of the universal machine. The guidelines encompass around 30 vegetable crops, an attached technological map and an organisation of crop production space, with an emphasis on organic production.

In conclusion, the machine is conceived as a hybrid that we could call a platform for carrying various elements, and it is based on modularity. The associated tools (attachments) are also being developed as part of the project.