The additional disinfection device for door handle

Authors: Ying-Chi, Li; Chin-Jui, Li

Company/Faculty/School: Shu Guang Junior High School / Hsin-Chu Dong Yuan Elementary School

Country: Taiwan



An additional disinfection device for door handle includes a door handle cover, a soft material used to absorb the disinfectant, and a  supplement bottle for replenishing the disinfectant. The additional disinfection device is a door handle cover with a soft material inside to absorb disinfectant. The door handle cover has holes, so that when the user twists the door handle, the disinfectant can be simultaneously squeezed out to sterilize the door handle. A disinfectant supplement bottle is connected to the top of the door handle. When the disinfectant in the soft material is insufficient, the supplement bottle can be squeezed, and then the disinfectant can be injected into the soft material.