Temperature and moisture sensor



School: Elektrotehnička škola Zagreb

Country: Croatia

e-mail: ivekvrabac@gmail.com

web: http://ss-elektrotehnicka-zg.skole.hr/

The model uses the DHT11 temperature and moisture sensor, with an LCD 16*2 screen, Arduino UNO, potentiometer, LED diode and piezo speaker. When temperature or moisture increase, the alarm is activated. The limit for activation of the alarm is set by the user and can be set in the program code by any user. The model can be used in interior spaces such as classrooms, small offices, garages, elevators, basements, etc. The applied model can also be protected from a lack of oxygen in the space (stuffiness) or if there is a fire or the computer overheats or similar situation. The model is implemented in a housing printed with PETG materials on the Prusa iK3 3D printer.