ReCorr QCQ Quantitative Coating Quality Impedance Analyzer

Authors: prof. dr. sc. Sanja Martinez and Ivana Šoić, mag. appl. chem.

Faculty: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Country: Croatia



ReCorr QCQ is the first coating impedance tester tailored and EMC certified for use in industrial environments. The fast and easy application allows rating of the coatings with high confidence and precision (≥ 97%) which can be achieved through the integrated software function for AC interference management. The device consists of a pair of flexible, conductive polymer electrodes that adhere to a coated surface with the aid of a low-resistivity paste. The electrodes are connected to the impedance spectroscopy instrument, which is controlled by the Android tablet. Any coated metallic object is suitable for ReCorr® QCQ measurements. For small or irregularly shaped samples and for continuous monitoring, customized electrode design is used.