Parasites Emotional Stories make Parasitology Simple and Easy

Author: Prof. Dr. NajiaA. Alzanbagi

Company: Professor of Parasitology, President and Owner of Highly Innovative Unique Foundation (HIUF), Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia


Description of Invention:

Students consider parasitology to be one of the most challenging scientific courses, this is due to:

*Parasites’ similarity to each other

*The various stages in their life cycles

*The multiplicity of their infection methods

* There are a lot of important details.

Introducing a new method in teaching Parasitology, which depends on using

The Emotional Stories

– The Parasites tell their stories by themselves

-They are very emotional creatures, they want to live, marry and have children

-They sometimes cry, laugh, love, hate, get angry and also scream

-They said the circumstances made them parasitic being that attack others against their well

-God created them to be like that and they have nothing to do with it

They are in order to live, try to overcome the bad environmental conditions, always apologizing

to their hosts for what they do in them and for the diseases and complications that happen to them.