Packaging the INA MAZIVA products in 3 L and 5 L doypacks

Authors: Grupa autora na čelu s direktorom društva INA MAZIVA d.o.o. Zoranom Škrobonjom

Company: INA MAZIVA d.o.o.,

Country: Croatia

During 2020, the company INA MAZIVA d.o.o. launched a project to introduce new packaging for its product line and to introduce these new packages to the market, initially at INA petrol stations, and then for other customers.

The objective of the project was to reduce the use of HDPE packaging and to switch to new, soft packaging, in the form of stand-up pouches, or doypacks.

By introducing the soft packaging line, the share of plastic in packaging is reduced by up to 70%, whereby INA MAZIVA is further contributing to environmental protection and once again showing its ecological awareness.

New filling machines were purchased for the new packaging, and completely new graphic solutions were made, including the packaging design for the new products.

The product design and packaging and their volumes have been adapted to customer needs, ensuring they are simpler to use and handle, and visually attractive.

The following products are already available on the market: INA Autoglass, INA Autoglass-25, INA Ultra Glass Cleaner, INA Distilled water, INA Defroster and AdBlue in various packaging.