NU Smart Eco-friendly Recycle Bike

Authors: Dr. So Sokuntheary, Mr. Chuop Sopheak

Company/Faculty/School: Norton University

Country: Cambodia


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It can handle accident crushes due to its structural integrity.

– A complete set-up automatic ride along vehicle with a battery.

– No more toxic smoke from gasoline to pollute the society.

– The battery installed under the saddle is being charged by solar panel itself.

– Goal of the project

– To introduce Cambodia’s eco-friendly biking vehicle.

– Taking part as one of the citizens by helping out for a clean environment.

– To raise up another advantage of using Khmer bike within new technology to help the trash collectors in the capital.

– Reduce air pollution that can damage the environment.

– Helping to raise awareness on how important the air we breathe in the future will be.