Authors: Dr. So Sokuntheary, Mr. Chuop Sopheak

Company: Norton University

Country: Cambodia



The idea of   creating a smart chair is very important part of helping students for self-study, save time, save money, easy to use

In addition, I also included Khmer art, which is an ornament to make other nations know Khmer better.

+First feature

Using solar panels is an important part of converting sunlight into electricity and make sure it will provide for the usage.

The strategy is to use solar panels to generate electricity, which is stored in a bundle of energy called a busbar. It will carry on with the power by operating on (Light – Scan – Advertising screen – Wireless – Wi-Fi – Tap C – USB – adapter – Sound)

Finally, we can use it as function.

+Second feature

Quick QR Code – Quick Response Code is a technology system that has the ability to compile data and response at a fast speed that

is easy to use.

How to use: Just put the Camera to Scan, it will show you three pictures to choose from.

1 .Wi-Fi: Click on it, it will connect to the internet automatically

2 .Map: Clicking on it will show the location and destination in the area.

3 .Weather: Clicking on it will show the upcoming weather waves.