MXene-Modified Hybrid Photoconverter

Authors: Poznyak A.I., Saranin D.S., Muratov D.S., Gostishchev P.A., Didenko S.I., Kuznetsov D.V., Di Carlo Aldo

Company/Faculty/School: National University of Science and Technology «MISiS» (NUST «MISiS»)

Country: Russia



The invention is related to the technology of thin-film semiconductor  photoconverters. Hybrid, thin- film photoconverters with heterojunctions, modified with Mxenes  interlayers  –  Ti3C2Tx were designed and developed for work in visible part of solar light spectrum as well in near UV and IR  regions. Hybrid thin-film photoconverter is fabricated on transparent substrate with sequentially deposited transparent conductive electrode (TCE) and photo- absorbing layer that placed between charge transporting layers of p- and n- types, with back non-transparent metal electrode on the top, herewith, photo-active layer is based on hybrid perovskites and all interfaces of heterojunctions and contacts between metal and semiconductor modified with interlayer made from Mxenes.