Multi-sensory Stimulation Ramp


Company: Da-Yeh University

Country: Taiwan



Sensory integration therapy is a treatment for early intervention. Manipulation of sensory input is an essential strategy of intervention. The important device for vestibular stimulation is the ramp that allows the scooter board to slide down. The goal is to establish proper posture mechanism, eye movement control, balance response and modulation of vestibular stimulation.. The treatment process is faced with the dilemma of monotonous sensory stimulation and inadequate play atmosphere, which may limit the effectiveness of the treatment.

The “multi-sensory stimulation ramp” aims to integrate multiple sensory stimulation and to improve the dysfunctional sensory system. Equipment with infrared sensor light switch, black and white color blocks, and deceleration rubber inserts can provide visual and vibratory sensations in addition to vestibular sensation.It is designed to meet the needs of the brain for sensory stimulation, to refine the operation of sensations and to strengthen the opportunities for multiple sensations, to adjust the arousal level and to improve the function of neural integration, and to promote a fun and interesting game situation.