Multi-purpose environmental measuring instrument (VIMO)



Company/Faculty/School: Tehnička škola Pula

Country: Croatia


VIMO is the author’s work whose heart is a microcontroller board Arduino Nano which uses an ultrasonic sensor and a three-axis gyroscope with an accelerometer to measure elements in the surrounding environment. Components of the device are contained within a 3D-printed case. Its user can measure distance (< 2 to 400 cm), angle of position, voltage (10V max.), frequency, and temperature (-40 to 85°C) of its location. All measured data is displayed on the OLED display. With all sensors, the device is also equipped with additional elements such as a LED and a buzzer to warn its user of incorrect measurements, it also has a laser to add visual effect when measuring distance. At the front face of the device, there are two buttons, one for the power and the other for changing in between measuring modes. The Source of power is a rechargeable battery making it very transportable and usable when needed.

Because of the use of a microcontroller, VIMO is easily programable and its user can set the interface the way he wants.