MISSER (Myiasis Spray Gel Bamboo Shoots) : Anti-Myiasis Spray Gel From Apus Bamboo Shoots (Gigantochloa apus)

Author: Aqsa Aufa Syauqi Sadana

Company/Faculty/School: Universitas Diponegoro

Country: Indonesia

e-mail: aqsa.syauqi4@gmail.com

web: https://fk.undip.ac.id

MISSER (Myiasis Spray Gel Bamboo Shoot) is a product made from natural ingredients apus bamboo shoot that really effective for curing myiasis that caused by fly larvae (C. bezziana) and do not have a negative impact in dealing with treatment problems, which in fact myiasis so far is still using the synthetic insecticides.

In the manufacture and development of this product, we have been through several stages of research, with MISSER has already tested physically for the effectiveness against C. bezziana in vitro and pre-clinical test.