Making a Wind Machine Engine Without Using Fuel

Author: Pooya Hosseini Mehr, Mohammad Kazem Kasaei Zadeh

Organization: Mollasadra Elementary School, Karaj, Iran

Country: Iran

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Today, with the increase in the amount of pollution caused by the consumption of fossil fuels, as well as the lack of fossil fuels, the use of other fuels as an alternative fuel or changing the type of engine has been discussed. One of the uses of fossil fuels are cars that are used for transportation, which leads to air pollution. So far, there have been many solutions to replace diesel and gasoline cars, such as electric cars and hybrid cars, etc. Electric cars are one of the latest automotive technologies that have been widely marketed in recent years. These cars, using electric batteries, seek to provide the energy needed for movement and are associated with the least environmental pollution. Hybrid cars are a widely used type of car that works by using a combination of gasoline engine and electric motor. These cars have many advantages due to the combination of two high performance engines and low fuel consumption. But these types of cars need to be charged or have high costs to set up. In this plan, to solve this problem, we made a machine with the help of wind power. To make this design, pistons, valves, tires, air pumps, etc. were used. In this plan, the car engine is built using the wind system and using the wind inside the car piston and moving the car piston with the wind system and storing this energy and finally creating movement in the car. This engine converts air force into torque and turns the car. Due to their positive characteristics, such as low emissions, high efficiency and relatively reasonable price, these wind engines are considered as a sustainable alternative to diesel and gasoline vehicles. This device does not require fuel consumption and does not cause any pollution.