INA Ultra Quenching oil 22


Company: INA MAZIVA d.o.o.

Country: Croatia


INA Ultra Quenching Oil 22 is a premium quenching oil, that stands out for its exceptionally high quench rate, and a very high resilience to evaporation for individual quenching in open quench tanks and integral quench furnaces. This product provides exceptional resilience during demanding quenching conditions, ensures a stable cooling curve profile, even after repeated quench cycles, and good heat conduction.

The formula contains hydrocracked base oil with the additional of high-quality additives that ensure extremely high resilience to evaporation, good rheological properties, low consumptions and particularly good final purity of processed parts under hindered conditions of use, which results in a longer working life of the lubricant.

The working temperature of the oil is between 30 and 110°C, and it should be stated that the working life of the oil is reduced with increased work temperature.

INA Maziva also has other viscosity grades in its product line: ISO VG 32, 46 and 68.

It is used in the heat processing of metals for quenching tools and construction steel, carbon steel, and low-carbon steel and other types of steel.