Fully Automatic Air Conditioner and Split Condenser Cleaning Machine

Author: Ali Khalafialipour

Country: Iran

e-mail: alimaxem2006@hotmail.com

One of the major problems of the air conditioner and split system is the annual washing and dust removal of the Gandansour. By changing the circulation of the condenser fan in a completely accurate and automatic manner (during appropriate timings), the above device separates the dust stuck outside the condenser and cleans the condenser. Also, the air circulation between the blades of the condenser radiator is significantly improved. As a result, the life of gas and split air conditioners is longer, and there is no need for annual condenser service. It should be mentioned that this device is compatible with all models of gas and split air conditioners. The current device is designed in such a way that after 60 hours of fan operation (it should be noted that the timer only shows the usage time of the device’s condenser fan) it is detected by an analog timer and then an 8 second delay (which is determined by two capacitors of 6800 microfarads and a 12V relay) to lower the fan speed by a 16-pin 220V coil relay, replacing two wires (the fan capacitor, which is known by the letters S, and the other common zero wire and another capacitor base, which is the letters N are known). This causes the direction of the fan motor to change, and after the end of the 3-minute detection time (detected by the two-time analog timer), there is a delay of 8 seconds and the whole process is repeated in order. This device does not need any external electricity or change in the wiring of the external unit of the air conditioner or spilled, and it supplies all its electricity from the same three wires of the fan.