Environmental quality monitoring system with group setting and notification functions



Company: Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology

Country: Taiwan

e-mail: eddie@wiipa.org.tw

web: https://www.wiipa.org.tw/


Typical air quality systems have the following four drawbacks:

  1. Non-real-time information: Taking the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency system as an example, it is usually the average value of the past one hour, not the actual air quality value at that time.
  2. Poor accuracy: Take the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency’s system as an example, it is usually the average value of a large area, rather than the actual air quality of the location where the user is inquiring.
  3. Too much time-consuming: The user must execute the query action by himself.
  4. Failure to notify and issue warnings in time: In case of fire, dust explosion and other special conditions, it is impossible to notify or issue warning messages in time.

    The solution proposed in this creation can completely solve the above four shortcomings.  The information provided by our device has the important advantage of “community active notification”.  All users in the same group only need one person to perform the setting action, and everyone in the same group can simultaneously receive the information sent by the system.  Send out the real-time air quality status of a specific location.  Users can choose the groups they need to actively join without performing setting actions, which not only has high practicability but also high convenience for users.  Using this creation can instantly understand the environmental quality of the surrounding area.  The real-time PM2.5, PM10 concentration, temperature and humidity can be displayed on the screen, and the green, blue and red lights represent the current air pollution level.

Most importantly, most of the users can obtain the service of our proposed creation almost without paying any additional cost.