CONTROL 365 – Insert Aqua Cream with Swiss Glacier Water & Undo Age Cream with Snow Algae


Company: PRIRODA LIJEČI d.o.o.


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Control 365 Insert Aqua Cream with Swiss Glacier Water

Crystal clear Swiss glacier water for freshness, smoothness and perfect harmony with skin.


24-hour refreshing hydration with Swiss glacier water encapsulated in liposomes. For extremely fresh, balanced and rejuvenated skin. The crystal clear Swiss glacier water, with its unique synergy of minerals and lecithin molecules that transport moisture to the deeper layers of the epidermis, works in perfect harmony with the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth.


Control 365 Undo Age Cream with Snow Algae

Snow alga – the key to skin longevity – protect and activates the longevity gene


This innovative anti-aging active ingredient is based on the extract of the unique snow alga that has managed to develop a strategy for surviving in extreme conditions on glaciers and permanent snow. On a cellular level, snow alga protects and activates two key factors, the Klotho gene for longevity and the AMPK energy sensor, which together improve the cell defence system, oxidative resistance to stress, detoxification, and cell repair.