“Cobra” shower handset, which dispenses shampoo/gel from its own container at the push of a button


Organization: Dalmatinski inovatori Tesla - DALMIT

Country: Croatia

e-mail: vukovics@gmail.com

Like any other shower head, “Cobra” has a completely normal shower water flow function.

However, the innovation is the integration of 2 containers in the “head” of the headset, in which 2 liquids (shampoo, gel) can be placed. By pressing the buttons on the handle of the handset itself, we can activate the controlled release of one or both shower liquids. This discharge goes through the outlet tubes located on the lower side of the shower head. As it resembles the two teeth of a snake, that’s how the name – Cobra – came about.



  1. Ecological – less shower liquid is used – controlled output, savings
  2. Ecological (hotels) – there is no more need for small plastic shampoo bottles that are constantly thrown away
  3. Everything is at hand – you don’t have to keep bottles around the shower and look for them with wet hair and closed eyes
  4. Excellent for showering/bathing small children or dogs – no worries about opening bottles – faster and easier showering
  5. Fun and design attractive

Intellectual property: 63403473 (USPTO Patent Pending status)