Company: OPG Bošnjak Adrijana

Country: Croatia


Our product is specific because it is not dulled like classic wine.

Our sour cherry fruit wine is made from organic sour cherries and after the fermentation itself and other analyzes carried out by wine experts and licenses from the Wine Center, it is released for sale.

After we saw that customers recognized and evaluated our product as excellent and were eager for some new things, we started producing larger quantities of cherry fruit wine.

Our wine is a fruity cherry wine with a special aroma, a unique taste with mild sour notes. Due to its unique combination of sweet and sour notes, this wine rises above the classic wines and becomes a true gourmet hit. Many experts recommend consumption after heavy meals (barbecue, roast beef, venison dishes…)

As such, wine also has medical effects: it lowers blood pressure, cleanses the body, helps with anemia and strengthens potency. That’s why they call it love wine, natural viagra. Well, who would resist him. The wine is red in color, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and research shows that it has a beneficial effect on overall health, justifying the name natural aspirin.

Consuming our wine is a real hedonistic experience.