Author: Dubravko Stazić

Country: Croatia


The idea is for the chef to be satisfied with the clothes he wears, to feel perfect because of the sheer weight of the work he’s doing. Natural materials that are pleasant for contact with the skin are used. It often happens that after a short time, due to inadequate materials, the chef begins to smell his own unpleasant odor, which is simply not acceptable due to the environment in which he works. Taught by our own experiences, we try to provide people who work within food systems, both privately and for general use, clothes worthy of their own creations on millions of plates for people who enjoy their mastery. We present clothes that must satisfy the most demanding moments and the most demanding minds in this business. Of course, this design is not the end, this is only the beginning in perfecting the model, both in terms of visual details and technical innovations, which will allow the chef who wears our blouse not to worry about insignificant little