Organization: Dalmatinski inovatori Tesla - DALMIT

Country: Croatia


A cardboard bag (bag) adapted to jars for which the view from above (view of the lid/wrapper) is most important, and not the side, as was usual for cardboard packaging until now.

So, the innovation is in the way of positioning in the cardboard packaging.

The jars of eco jam “Šinjorina” are held by their “necks” through the opening in the cardboard borscha and their lower part, at one point, rests on the bottom of the borscha.

Amphora jars 212 ml with Šinjorina eco jams (tangerine, passion fruit, quince, plum and fig) have redesigned pictures of old masters on the jar cover, which best highlights the idea of a work of art from the outside and inside in this type of cardboard packaging.