Body-Temperature Powered Luminous Wristband

Author: Ryan, Huang

Company: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

Country: Taiwan



This Body-Temperature Powered Luminous Wristband (BTPLW) is a light-emitting wristband that is beneficial at night or in places with insufficient light. It’s also particularly useful for elders that exercise or participate in outdoor activities during nighttime. The BTPLW can assist drivers, pedestrians, etc. in quickly identifying and spotting the wearer, which allows them more reaction time to prevent accidents. 


The BTPLW is a wristband with, the ring body has multiple light-emitting compartments, a thermoelectric chip and a booster device. The thermoelectric chip helps power the light compartments through the temperature difference between the chip and the human skin. Electricity is generated, and then the voltage of the electricity generated by the booster device is boosted to the needed voltage, so that the present invention does not require an external power source. Sufficient electrical energy can be continuously provided to the light-emitting elements which helps the BTPLW achieve the main functions of nighttime alert and nighttime safety improvement.