BABY SLEEP IGLOO Innovative Igloo – 4D cover for a good night’s sleep for both baby and parents


Country: Croatia


Babies are active and constantly tossing and turning in their sleep, which is difficult and tiring for parents as babies catch cold. Active babies refuse to sleep in a sleeping bag, as this hinders their movements and ability to stand.

The BS IGLOO is the only alternative to sleeping bags. It is practical for parents and fun for children who love to hide in tents, enabling baby to be protected all night long, without worry of being uncovered and cold in the night.

The design is an igloo shape, as a dome-shaped construction with structure that is fastened under the mattress using Velcro strips. The igloo carries the entire weight of the blanket so that baby can turn unhindered, without feeling the weight of the blanket. Baby does not need to toss off the blanket, nor can they. Baby will not be uncovered, nor with they get tangled up in the blanket, or cover their heads completely.

The igloo retains an optimal sleeping temperature (27–30°C*) all night long, which is achieved using blankets of different thickness (four seasons), depending on the room temperature. It is completely safe, made of cotton, protective sponge, polymer and silicon. It is practical to take apart and wash, and all materials use have the Oeco-Tex certificate.

Industrial property: D20200151