Automated Food-Safety Temperature Monitoring and Control

Author: Kai-Hsun, Hsu; Tzu-Huai, Lin; Cheng-Hao, Lin; Young-Hao, Shi;Ruei-Ting, Hong; Ruei-Jyun, Hong; Yu-Tung, Pan; Ting-Kai, Huan

Company: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

Country: Taiwan



In this era of Covid-19 raging, people in confined spaces have become unsafe. Therefore, many disinfection products have emerged as the times require, especially those used in elevators. The diversity is even more dazzling, but the current market There is no automatic service for the elevator disinfection products sold. Each elevator needs to be disinfected manually by cleaning personnel on a regular basis. The efficiency can be said to be twice the result with half the effort. In addition, it takes a long time to take the elevator from the low floor to the high floor, which will make passengers have nothing to do. In order to solve the above two problems, students and I combined interactive devices and disinfection devices, and invented the elevator entertainment and hygiene coordination system, which can use the UV lamp and alcohol automatic spray device in the elevator to spray in the elevator. Disinfect when no one is there, and the interactive system in the elevator can use the camera to capture your movements, and respond accordingly through the display and sound, for example: if you say hello to it, it will also say hello to you , making people safer and happier when taking the elevator.

    The present invention refers to an elevator with entertainment and disinfection functions, which comprises: a UV lamp, a container, a spray gas, a visual sensor, three cameras, three intelligent displays and a sound, wherein: the container and the spray The devices are connected together, and the container is used to fill medical alcohol and is set on the top of the elevator. The sprinkler and UV light are set on the top of the elevator. When the visual sensor detects that there is no one in the elevator, Sprinklers and UV lamps will automatically operate to achieve disinfection; on the other hand, three smart displays are installed on each of the three walls inside the elevator, and a camera is installed at the top of each smart display. When the camera captures the elevator After the people inside make an action, the signal will be sent to the AI in the smart display for calculation processing, and the result will be displayed on the display to interact with the passengers in the elevator, so that the passengers can take the elevator with peace of mind and joy.