AI-powered portable device for screening, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19 disease

Authors: Hesam Adin Atashi, Felicia Agatha

Company/Faculty/School: Tehran Islamic Azad Medical University, Tzu Chi Secondary School

Country: Indonesia


Since COVID-19 became a life-threatening pandemic, many hospitals run at a full capacity and fail to provide enough oxygen supply and ventilators for patients. The current PCR test is expensive and in poorer areas, it is hardly accessible. Our invention is an AI-powered device that can screen and treat COVID-19 by artificial intelligence. The device in screening mode calculates the percentage probability of a COVID-19 infection in under 30 seconds through a machine learning database. In treatment mode, it acts as an electronic nurse to monitor COVID patients’ signs continuously, and controls patients’ oxygen saturation levels and automatically adjusts the intake to prevent a sudden drop in O2 saturation level, which is a common cause of death among COVID-19 patients.