Intelligent door lock system


Company: Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology

Country: Taiwan



This work integrates two innovative functions into the same IoT device, which are introduced as follows:

  1. One-time unlock link:

Suppose the following three situations happened to us, how would we deal with it?

(1) The gas switch that may have left the house but cannot be turned off immediately when returning home.

(2) When I went to work in the company, I realized that I arrived too early and the door was not open.

(3) Living in a community or building without administrators, when a visitor comes to visit, you must personally help the visitor to open the door.

In order to solve the above problems, we propose a device in which the administrator can distribute a one-time key to others for a single unlocking procedure.


2.Unlock with gestures:

Use gesture recognition to replace the traditional key password to unlock.  If you want to unlock, you must let the door lock device record the gesture through the camera and then transmit it to the system for gesture recognition and determine whether to unlock.  In the proposed system, users do not need to touch the touch-sensitive components such as keyboards and fingerprint readers that are commonly used in typical door lock systems.  Under the current concerns of the covid-19, it can greatly reduce the risk of touching the door when opening the door.  


  The hardware cost of the proposed device is very low (below USD 100), and it is easy to combine with the existing door lock system, and has the characteristics of small size, easy installation and reduced risk of contracting COVID-19.  Our invention is a very practical innovation.