Client‐side Global Server Load Balancer – CS‐GSLB

Company: DynConD d.o.o.

Country: Croatia



DynConD d.o.o. is the author of the first DNS-based client-oriented global server load balancer (CS‐GSLB) worldwide. The CS‐GSLB is intended for use by replicated and geographically distributed network services for a better user experience by shortening network service response times and for effective server load management. Compared to other GSLBs, DynConD CS-GSLB selects the optimal server on the client’s side using its own Dynamic Server Selection method based on the measured network distance between the client and the server, as opposed to commonly used inaccurate geolocation, current server load and server network service response time. Furthermore, it is the only one that allows checking the availability of servers on the client’s side in real-time. CS ‐ GSLB uses its own data exchange process between the GSLB DNS server and the client in only one DNS query, which is in the process of patent registration. As a method that works at network levels 3 and 4, it is independent of the type of network service used at network level 7, offering better DDoS protection and a high level of user privacy protection.