Company: Zebra Cross j.d.o.o.

e-mail: info@zebracross.hr

web page: www.zebracross.hr

Zebra Cross- is a smart system, designed to improve pedestrian safety on street crossings and, at the same time, to improve street visibility and driving conditions for drives.

Zebra Cross  is installed on the existing pedestrian crossing signs.

It is energy self sufficient and requires no additional construction works or street adaptations.

Zebra Cross operates at night, rain and fog.  It recognises when a pedestrian is about to cross a road at which  time it turns on warning lights toward oncoming traffic on both sides of the road and  it illuminates the pedestrian on the road as well.

Existing systems (warning lights) work constantly, indifferential if there is anyone crossing the road at the moment. After a while , drivers tend to pay little attention to these warnings.

Zebra Cross activates only when person is about to cross a road and it clearly notifies and alerts  drives that someone is crossing  the street.