YXV super-aspirated air filter AIR by CORNELIU

Author: Corneliu BIRTOK-BANEASA

Company/Faculty/School: Politehnica University of Timișoara, Polytechnic 2020 Innovation and Technology Transfer Center

Country: ROMANIA

e-mail: corneliugroup@gmail.com

web: https://www.corneliugroup.ro/filtre.html

YXV is a super-aspirated air filter dedicated for IC engine. YXV reduce the thermal, the gas and dynamic losses by contributing to the increase of the filling degree of the engine cylinders. This work was supported by the Grant Network of Excellence in Research and Applied Innovation for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies Programs / InoHubDoc, Project No. POCU / 993/6/13/153437, Project co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Capital Operational Program Human.